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Acers new Chromebook looks like the perfect cheap laptop

Acer's new Chromebook looks like the perfect cheap laptop - BGR

Just in time for everyone's least favorite shopping season, Acer has released a new back-to-school Chromebook. The Acer 11 C771 might look black and businesslike on the outside read more...

2 months ago

SpaceX launches reused rocket and lands it, barely, back on drone ship

SpaceX launches reused rocket and lands it, barely

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2 months ago

'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis': Kimbal Musk, co-founder of the Kitchen Video

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2 months ago

KB Home Introduces Denali in Mountains Edge

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--KB Home (NYSE: KBH), one of the nation's largest and most recognized

homebuilders, today announced the grand opening of Gardens

and Vistas

at Denali located within Mountain's Edge, a master-plann

2 months ago

The Gardens of the Queen

60 Minutes cameras take you on an underwater adventure off the Cuban coast to one of the world's most pristine and vibrant coral reefs, known as the Gardens of the Queen. Anderson Cooper scuba dives with marine biologist David Guggenheim, dodging read more...

2 months ago

Grove Launches the Ecosystem to Change the Way We Grow Food


the startup that is leading the movement toward sustainable, diversified

agriculture, today nationally launched its first product, the Grove

Ecosystem ("Ecosystem"), after months o

3 months ago

Gold is the new brown as drought-hit California drops lawn fines| Reuters

California residents who let their green lawns turn brown and brittle will no longer face the possibility of fines for an unkempt yard under a new law to encourage water conservation during the state's drought.

The measure, signed on Monday